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Aitch Recruitment Ltd is growing at an incredible rate. So fast in fact that in just under six months the company is now opening its first High Street Branch in Rushden. The key to this remarkable success is the unique approach taken to the cost of recruiting permanent or temporary people.

In director Helen Thorne’s own words “One fee fits all.”

However, the company no longer fits is original offices in the Wellingborough Innovation Centre. Just three weeks after viewing an empty property on High Street South, Rushden, Aitch Recruitment is now operating at the new offices from TODAY!

With its commitment to providing companies with top quality services and candidates with top quality opportunities, Aitch Recruitment Ltd has created eighty work placements and the client list continues to grow. The pace is fast and two new consultants, Lauren and Louise, have joined Helen to write the next chapter in this remarkable local business success story.

Helen said as she opened the Rushden High Street South offices, “ I was determined right from the start to contribute positively to the local economy as well as helping people achieve their career ambitions or find a job that is worth getting up for each morning. I am delighted that companies and candidates have confidence in the services Aitch Recruitment offers.

“I would like to thank all Aitch Recruitment clients, candidates and, of course, the two new members of the team for the part they have played in the company’s early success.”

The Aitch Recruitment agency, with its distinctive logo and double-fronted offices, is a smart new addition to the Rushden business community. Client companies and candidates are welcome to visit for a chat about what Aitch Recruitment can do for them or check out the website to learn more.

Aitch Recruitment Ltd., 59 High Street South, Rushden, NN10 0RA. 01933 318363.


New approach, new recruitment agency now based in Wellingborough.
A completely new concept for recruitment has just become available to local businesses – and candidates - with the arrival of Aitch Recruitment, based in Wellingborough.
Besides excellent service and a commitment to keeping clients companies and candidates up to speed on a quick turnaround basis, businesses looking for new employees at all levels will know ‘up front’ what it will cost them to fill a vacancy.
Helen (Aitch) Thorne is the entrepreneur behind this amazingly simple but effective idea. At the opening of her first branch in the Wellingborough Innovation Centre on Wednesday, she said, “In the years I have worked in the Recruitment Industry, one thing has always bothered me. The lack of client certainty about the final bill to find the right person for a role and also the laissez-faire attitude of returning calls at the convenience of recruiters rather than with the client uppermost in mind.”
Helen continued, “I take pride in the fact that at Aitch Recruitment we are an ethical business. Our principle ethos is about matching the right person with the right company and vice versa. Of course, every business wants to make a profit but here at Aitch Recruitment that profit is never at the expense of client or candidate.”
All roles, regardless of type or level, are treated in the same way – as if it is the only one on the Aitch Recruitment ‘books’. Nothing is left to chance and every single candidate is thoroughly vetted to ensure complete understanding and ensure the right candidate is put forward for roles which will be of mutual benefit to employer and employee. So confident in their ability to place the right person in the right job – at whatever level – if a new employee leaves in the two weeks, client companies can either receive their fee back or have a second round of recruitment FREE.
Aitch Recruitment believes in the personal touch. There will be little general advertising with personal recommendation being considered the ultimate advertising method.
Whether you are looking for a senior, junior, permanent, part-time or temporary staff, contact Aitch Recruitment to take advantage of a new, cost-effective and efficient way to find or fill a vacancy.


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