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The radical Aitch Recruitment Ltd™ approach to recruitment will bring exactly the right job to your attention and you to the attention of the right employer.

This is how Aitch Recruitment Ltd can help you find the right job for the right now, the next step in your career or a role which can support other demands made on your time.

Aitch Recruitment is a new agency with a fresh approach to providing clients with the right people for their businesses. Founding Director, Helen Thorne, has an enviable record as a recruiter and trainer but one thing has always made her wince – agencies that put a candidate up for a job that isn’t 100% right for them, their level of experience or domestic responsibilities that need to be taken into account.

Anyone who has used an old-style agency will know that the name of the game is numbers. Getting as many people placed, wherever possible and as quickly as possible. The main principle being to make money and earn commission, whatever it takes in many agencies you may know the names of.

For perhaps the first time you can be represented by an employment agency with an enviable ethos of honesty, support, good advice and consideration for its candidates. At no time will you be pressured to go to an interview to make the numbers of candidates look good. At all times you will be invited to consider carefully any role Aitch Recruitment contacts you about or brings to your attention, or which you would like to apply for. The key point for Aitch Recruitment consultants is that the candidates and the clients are equally important. The key words are – GREAT SERVICE FOR ALL.

The experience and professional skills available to you through Aitch Recruitment are impressive and ensure you receive personal service that you can rely on every time. Aitch Recruitment is run on strictly ethical lines. Client company or job hunting candidate, the service you receive will be honest, direct and independent. Your needs are paramount. Straight talking, fast action and no ‘bull’ means Aitch Recruitment doesn’t waste your time with nonsense or red herring jobs.

From the word ‘GO!’, you can have full confidence that you will have a fair chance of winning a new role through any interview arranged by Aitch Recruitment. Again, none of your valuable time will be wasted having to undergo visits to companies simply to make up the numbers. It just doesn’t happen with Aitch Recruitment.

Aitch Recruitment is ready, willing and able to manage any work needs you have whether you need full-time, part-time or temporary work. Call 01933 318363 now and say ‘hi’ and to hear more about this unique, creative and professional new way to find you the job that is right for you and you are right for.




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